Conference time?

Having had a hand in organising, running, designing, and of course attending countless conference events, we are all too familiar with the logistical nightmares they can entail.

Speakers and sponsors that drop in or out of programs at the last minute, seating arrangements that leave delegates staring at pillars instead of the stage, presentation formats that are not compatible with the AV setup or files that corrupt on the day.

So, from the planning stages through to all the fun and stress of the live event, you need a creative team you can trust.

We know events and can help bring all your visual and messaging elements together.

Over the past 15 years we have worked on all kinds of events. We’ve done international tech innovation and security summits, industry exhibitions, medical careers and professional conferences, fund raising gala dinners, and even awards events.

In doing so, here’s just some of the things we’ve delivered:
Event branding | Award design | Web banners | Printed programs and sponsorship brochures | Large format signage such as pull-up banners and wayfinding | Delegate badges | Sponsorship materials | Print and digital advertising | Exhibition stand design | PowerPoint presentations | Exhibition floorplans | High-end event invitations, menus and table settings for formal events.

Talk to us about your event and how the right creative approach can keep it on the path to success.

I’m always really impressed by how personal the service is, Embrace Creative always ensure there’s great communication and they have a sense of urgency – that’s important because everything I do is on a time pressure, especially if things need to go to print!
— Jessica Abbey, Owner of Leverage Management Solutions