It takes just a fraction of a second to form a first impression

You wouldn’t turn up drunk to a children’s birthday party, arrive for job interview wearing only your swimmers, or cancel a first date with your future wife because you fell off a fence and broke your wrist like Andrew did that time. All these things give a bad first impression and most people aren’t as understanding and forgiving as Emma.

Similarly, the way you present your business is one of your most important selling tools – bad communication can do irreversible damage to your brand.

I’m SO glad Embrace Creative was recommended to me. Emma is my official branding expert now giving me fantastic advice and taking care of all my design work, making sure my branding stays true to self and on track. 
— Belinda Weaver, Owner and founder of Copywrite Matters 

Our Process

The first step to successful branding lies in strategy.

Embrace Creative partners with businesses, using a proven process to deliver creative solutions that are on brand, on brief, and come with no surprise costs. You save time, money and stress and have the keys to a new professional persona that makes the right first impression every time. An identity that builds trust and connects meaningfully with your intended audience.

We ask that our clients commit to our process – because without a proper opportunity for discovery and collaboration, we can’t truly understand you, your needs, your audience or your goals.

If we’re not on the same page as you, your customers won’t be either.


After an initial chat to make sure we’re right for each other, you decide on the package that fits your needs and make a 50% up front deposit. In order to commence you’ll need to commit to step 2!

This is where the magic begins. We’ll send you a questionnaire via email so that you can start to wrap your head around the ins and outs of your business personality. When you’re ready, we’ll set up a discovery session. This takes about an hour, either over the phone/skype or good old fashioned face-to-face over a coffee. We’ll discuss the info you’ve been giving us in response to our questionnaire, and hit you with a few curly follow up questions designed to help us all dig a little deeper.

Back in studio we’ll go through all our notes and begin to build a visual and verbal picture around your brand. How does it sound, how does it look, and what does it like to do on the weekend? During this strategy and research phase we will take a look at where you are now, where you sit in your market, and where you should be. At the end of step 3 we’ll present you with:
– A key word matrix that helps define your brand personality
– A values statement that you can hang your hat on
– A current perceptions overview (if applicable)
– Current market positioning (if applicable)
– 3 suggested visual directions in the form of mood boards (a kind of collage made up of colours, images, fonts, textures and graphic elements that we feel capture the personality of your brand)

The mood boards mentioned above are a starting point for the final look and feel of your branding elements. They work as inspiration, a discussion point and are a great way to find out what you like and what you don’t. From here we’ll keep massaging until we have a direction that you are happy with.

Once step 3 is signed off we’ll begin work on your brand identity. Your brand identity includes:
– Your logo
– Colour palette
– Fonts
– Image style
– Other graphic elements such as patterns, textures or icons

At the end of step 4 we will present you with 3 brand identity concepts that fit with your chosen mood board direction. These 3 concepts will then be narrowed down and refined to create your shiny new brand identity!

Delivery and implementation – you’re ready to launch! We’ll provide you with a link to download your trusty brand pack (this will stay live and online for a minimum of 6 months).

Included in your pack:
– Brand guidelines
– Your logo and sub-logo marks in PNG, JPEG and EPS format
– Fonts
– Colour palettes
– Associated graphic elements